2018 Volvo S90 vs 2018 BMW 5-Series

The head-up display (HUD) of the 2018 Volvo S90 is in color and is fully customizable. The HUD is a screen that allows, among other things, the S90 to display the map of the GPS, and this is very convenient. However, it will be necessary to pay a supplement for the warning of a vehicle running perpendicularly in the event of a reverse or arrival at a crossing, the blind spot alarm, and a parking aid. You will also feel great with the low fuel consumption for the highway, road, and city.

Scottsdale AZ - 2018 Volvo S90's Overview

Also, it comes with two exhaust outlets and the chrome diffuser strip, the last exterior elements specific to the higher finishes, which somewhat lighten the massiveness of the back. Also, thanks to its more generous torque at low revs, and developed without delay thanks to the Power Pulse system, it most often dispenses the retrograde transmission in recovery, which proves very pleasant in driving. The backrest is not adjustable on two levels like the Luxury seats in a 5 Series, but their massaging skills are exceptional.

Scottsdale AZ - 2018 Volvo S90's Exterior

The S90 remains pleasant to drive. There is a turbo with variable geometry for the D2 and D3, a dual turbocharger fixed and variable on D4, and two turbos with variable geometry on the D5. Here is a car that seems consistent, and which imposes few trepidations. And it is cheaper than its rivals. Volvo's ambitions are relatively low: the brand plans to sell the S90, in a smaller segment of the market, but whose mix is mainly premium.

Scottsdale AZ - 2018 Volvo S90's Interior

From the end of this year, the range expands with a T5, a T8 hybrid version that we know from the XC90 and D3 and D4. A 2.0-liter 4-cylinder also provides power for the S90 D4. And God knows it's a challenge to be noticed on a segment where all the contenders compete for attention to pamper the occupants. Furthermore, it is advisable to call on Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale, a vehicle vendor serving Scottsdale, near Phoenix, near Tempe Arizona.

Scottsdale AZ - 2018 Volvo S90's Mechanical

The opening/closing of the aeration is carried out using a simple wheel that you have to turn. Under the hood, nothing changes: the S90 and V90 R-Design will be available with the D5 diesel engine and the T6 gas engine. In short, I have nothing but praise for this Volvo S90, and it exudes quality and safety.

On the other hand, it is ideally placed in front of the Mercedes E-Class (which it faces besides at the final contest of the car of the year), and the Audi A6. I was, therefore, eager to discover the premium S90 sedan. It is responsive thanks to the action of the active compressor at low revs, and it does not lack elongation compared to rival blocks of higher displacement. Note also that the motor is mounted in transverse position. Also, I suggest you telephone Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale, an automobile supplier serving Scottsdale, near Phoenix, near Tempe Arizona.

While the S90 sedan replaces the S80, the V90 takes the place of the V70. On this version, the S90 ensures excellent handling. It should be noted in passing that, whatever the level of finish, the adjustment of the steering column is manual, the designers of the model having found, very reasonably, in my opinion, an electrically assisted mechanism would add unnecessary weight.

Its advantages may also overshadow the German premium sedans. To do this, Volvo has invested in three key areas: safety, a field in which Volvo has often been a forerunner; the quality of finish; and connectivity. It's also impossible to miss the hand-carved Orrefors solid crystal gearshift knob, a luxurious detail that's truly enjoyable.

The entry-level D3 version will arrive at the end of the year at the same time as the T8 hybrid. By approaching its S90 luxury definition, Volvo gives itself then additional chances to attract in its nets a wealthy clientele and companies, and executives will be able to take, by the end of the year, the steering wheel of a T8 hybrid rechargeable version. Fortunately, the primary functions are quite easily accessible, and the touchscreen can be handled with gloves, thanks to its infrared slab.

Also, we can compare Volvo vs BMW. Once we keep track of the benefits of the 2018 Volvo S90 vs the 2018 BMW 5-Series, we come to realize that the 2018 Volvo S90 boasts progressively more wonderful luxury when held up against the 2018 BMW 5-Series. On account of this, the determination from the stage wherein we compare Volvo vs BMW has a repercussion with the Volvo S90 appearing superior vs the BMW.

In addition to safety, Volvo thinks about your health by transforming the cabin into a real cocoon thanks to the 'CleanZone' system. Gone are the days of Volvo with the tasteless, bland design of the 80s and 90s. If of course you are not equipped for a T8, do not panic: about 6 hours on a household power outlet, the time for a short night's sleep, and it is recharged.

Remember, if the year 2017 was marked for Volvo by record sales, it was also the opportunity to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Swedish brand. Personally, as soon as the opportunity arises, I would like to play some albums on this audio system. The V90 and S90 also restart almost from a blank page (the modular platform SPA comes from the XC90), and the predictions are salutary: Volvo estimates it will sell a lot of these cars.

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