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The new version of this family has landed for 2018. The first generation was in production for nine years, and his replacement, released in 2009, did the same. Also, the new model has a modular platform called SPA, which has managed to transfigure the big XC90. That platform was also responsible for the model differences of the XC90 when it was released in 2015.

The brand manager has said that he has a romance with these family sedans. This automobile was therefore preceded by his brother, the SUV XC60, which was renewed in 2017. Like the new XC60, both models are based on the SPA modular platform and look aesthetically like the S90 and V90 while standing out for the more muscular look of the XC60. They are therefore more athletic and more muscular, just to list a few of the model differences.

near Phoenix Arizona - 2019 Volvo V60's Overview

Differences of the New versus Old Model - Exterior

With its almost rectangular grille and headlights split in half by the famous "hammer of Thor" diodes, this 2018 automobile has airs of an S90 in reduction. However, there are no gaudy displays for this Swedish automobile, but rather a luxurious elegance that is visually reflected by the presence of a plunging nose and a profile that is smoothed to the stern, evoking the four doors in vogue with the German manufacturers. It is also much more attractive than the earlier model, the 2017 Volvo S60. From the back, the automobile has almost been able to go as far as the concept car presented at the Detroit Auto Show with regards to advancing the style of this venerable juggernaut. The two-part daytime running lights may be subject to discussion, but that is nothing more than a personal opinion, as they appear visually attractive as well.

near Phoenix Arizona - 2019 Volvo V60's Exterior

Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Interior

Still, inside this automobile, we note the ample trunk space available with a more generous loading capacity when compared to the 2017 Volvo S60. The seats are leather, comfortable and offer a perfect fit. Provided as standard, the four sports seats provide excellent comfort while ensuring good lateral support on a curvy road.

Note the three-spoke steering wheel that is perfect for driving, and also the non-negligible amount of keys on the console and settings available in the onboard computer. The icing on the cake, the roof guard, is sufficient and the legroom very suitable. Regulars of the latest models of the brand will find their bearings, including the famous console decorated with changes.

near Phoenix Arizona - 2019 Volvo V60's Interior

These beautiful arrangements are not tainted by any imperfections. Same story in the cabin (opposite, that of the S90), where the giant touchscreen format dash presents a reasonably clean dashboard. Also, what also strikes me most about this automobile is the brightness in the cockpit even without having a sunroof. With a reasonable length, it displays generous dimensions and cares for its occupants.

The style is, as well, in the vein of the latest premium productions for this market. Unlike some competitors, the livability of the automobile has not been sacrificed on the altar of design. With ergonomics in net progress and a principal aim of this model, the central console has ceased to be burdened with multitudinous little buttons, unlike the 2017 Volvo S60.

For those who wish, it is possible to have even more profiled seats with the sports seat option available on the T5 and T6 dynamic versions. The rear passengers have also not been forgotten by the Swedish manufacturer and have a comfortable seat in the back seat.

near Phoenix Arizona - 2019 Volvo V60's Mechanical
Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Mechanical

In addition to the four-cylinder that recently appeared, which will also serve as a basis for a plug-in hybrid version, there is a motor that offers a power/consumption ratio that is more than satisfying. You will have to decide between two engines: the T5 and the T6 engine. A 4-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged is the secret of this automobile. At the wheel of this automobile, what quickly catches the eye is the power of its engine. Better throttle response, engine performance, gearbox responsiveness, etc.

The power and responsiveness are therefore striking when compared to the earlier model. In light of that, you really should phone Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale, serving Scottsdale, near Phoenix, near Tempe Arizona, to have a shot at driving this marvelous motor vehicle.

Differences of the New vs. Old Model - Safety

This 2018 Volvo S60 has been designed on the same basis as the 2017 S60, and this new version is undoubtedly synonymous with safety. Like all newly built Volvos, this Volvo S60 offers the IntelliSafe technology. This car, therefore, provides a guarantee of additional security to help you to face anything that comes your way. Also, this Volvo S60 2018 is standard with all-wheel drive.

This all-wheel drive is a way for owners to feel even safer behind the wheel of this 2018 Volvo S60. Finally, the two models are also be equipped with the security arsenal inaugurated on the XC60. Also, the evolution of the City Safety system integrates assistance to the safety management features, and an update of the BLIS system which informs the driver of the presence of vehicles in blind spots.

The DNA of the Swedish manufacturer is therefore all about safety. That being said, why not call Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale, serving Scottsdale, near Phoenix, near Tempe Arizona, to test drive this fabulous automobile.

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