Volvo New Vehicle Dealership

Our Scottsdale Volvo Dealership has all of the latest models for you to enjoy. All of our cars are made in Sweden with the most precise and sophisticated engineering available in a new vehicle. When you come down to our dealership in Scottsdale Arizona, you'll be able to find a great deal that is designed to provide you with an outstanding level of quality and reliability. In the SUV and Crossover category, we have the XC90 and the XC60 with premium features that are designed to give you the ultimate in comfort. The V90, V60 and the V40 are amazingly versatile hatchback options that can help you get where you're going in style. If you're looking for something with an adventurous spirit, consider the V60, S60 or the V40 Cross Country. We also have some outstanding new sedans, including the latest S90 and S60 models to help you enjoy a refined and superior driving experience. Come down and see our dealership to get the best deals and offers. 

Specials & Quotes

At Courtesy Volvo, we love offering our customers with the best specials and quotes that we have available. When you trust our local Volvo dealership for your next vehicle purchase, you'll be able to find out about our special offers for customers. We want to help you get a great deal on your new vehicle, so come down and trust our Scottsdale dealership to get a great deal. We may have options available for you that aren't advertised on our website, but we encourage you to check our website for the current and most popular offerings. Our dealership may be able to get you a great deal if you're a recent graduate, buying your first car or looking to make a change in your vehicle ownership. We can often get you a great value for your trade-in, and we will help you to get more money for your offering. Our Scottsdale Volvo Dealership wants to help you get an incredible deal that will enable you to enjoy the latest vehicles with the best features. Choose from our inventory of some of the most reliable and exceptionally well-made vehicles on the market. 

Finance and Auto Loans

Our dealership in Scottsdale Arizona is dedicated to helping our customers get the right loan for their situation. When you trust Courtesy Volvo to be your local Volvo dealership, we will work hard to help you address any problems and get an amazing deal on your next finance our auto loan. We can work with you regardless of your situation. Since a vehicle offers a form of collateral, many people who have less than perfect credit find that we can help them get a great auto loan. Come down and see how we can help you to get a great deal on your next vehicle purchase. We will work to find an outstanding loan from one of our partner banks and ensure you get the best possible rates for your situation. Our finance team can help you find a deal that works for your situation. We are ready to help you enjoy a great deal on your next vehicle and we want to help you find a rate that fits your budget and needs. Come down and see us before you visit any other dealership.

Volvo Auto Repair & Service

At our Scottsdale dealership, we understand the importance of auto repair. When you purchase a vehicle from us, we will help you keep your car running in superior condition. Our Scottsdale Volvo Dealership is able to help you get a great offer on all of your repair and auto service needs. Come down and see us in Scottsdale Arizona for all of your oil change, transmission, and engine needs. If you don't get your car repaired regularly, it won't run as expected. A good maintenance schedule will help keep your vehicle running in optimal condition and keep you from having to pay large costs associated with poor maintenance. We will check your vehicle over and make sure the tires, engine, transmission and all of the major components are running as intended. Come down and see how our expert mechanics can keep your vehicle running well with original equipment manufacturer parts. This ensures that your vehicle is running as the manufacturer intended. Many third-party auto shops use generic parts because they are more affordable and they can be used in a variety of vehicles. This can have a negative impact on the performance of your vehicle. Trust your repair to our authorized mechanics to ensure the best possible driving experience.

Request Volvo Services

Make sure to request your next auto service from Courtesy Volvo. We want to be your local Volvo dealership to ensure that you get outstanding service and keep your vehicle running in optimal condition. We can help you keep your vehicle running well, and we can help you find a new car when it's time to retire your old vehicle. Trust our service center and finance specialists in Scottsdale to ensure you get the right service for your situation. We will work with you regardless of your situation and help you find the best deals for your needs. Come down and let us help you find a vehicle that matches your personality and needs.


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