XC40 Recharge – 100% electric Volvo makes its debut

Right so hot off the press here are the details that everyone has been waiting for. The range, well on the US sites they mention 200+ miles but have the caveat that the US testing has not been completed. On the Euro pages they claim 400km’s, which translates to 248,548miles or 249milesif you round up. Why the difference? Simply put the Euro standards are different to the US, and therefore to get a range the US pegs this at a lower rate. So if you read the sites you will see some of the big boy names quoting 250 miles (KBB, Motor1.com, electric.co and so on). Who is right? Well we think go with the 200+ number, as this is the official US statement and over time we will what the range comes out to. The Courtesy Volvo team thinks between the 200 and 249 range.

How fast does it charge? The headline numbers are very quickly – with a 150kw fast charger you can get to 80% in 40 minutes. OK, but what about when I get home and I plug in. Well let’s deal with real life numbers and not fast charge numbers. So if you use the 3,5kw charger you are looking at 18,5 hours, we recommend the 11kW charger, this will be at 5,5 hours. Far better. Volvo have taken the time to brand their charger the “Volvo Cars Wallbox”. The GM at our store Jason Church has one, and loves it for the T8 charging it provides, and we have them in stock. But these are suited to do the trick and deliver 5,5 hour charge time at your home.

What will cost to run your XC40 recharge? Well here is the good news. Volvo is putting their money where their mouth is. From the 16th of October 2019, all T8 and Recharge Volvo’s will get their first year of electric charging on Volvo. When did you ever hear of a company giving you a year of fuel with your purchase. Well for the Recharge Volvo will do this. This is a great program that will use the Volvo on Call system to track the miles completed on electric and after a year you will get your money back. This is hot of the press news so more details to come. But from out team at Courtesy Volvo this was a real wow moment. We are excited that Volvo Cars USA will get behind electric with such a great promotion.

The Battery, everyone’s biggest fear? What is the warranty on it, what if I have issues. Well if you look at the T8 batteries they come with 8 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first). If you are in CA – it comes with 10 years and 150,000 miles). We do not have data from Volvo on the XC Recharge, but we expect it to be in line with this, or better. We will update you as soon as we get the information. What Volvo has worked on, instead of a defective battery meaning the entire battery gets replaced, they are working to fix the cell or cells that need replacing. Thereby greatly increases the lifespan of these expensive batteries. Great for your Volvo, and the planet!

In addition when it comes to sourcing the batteries, Volvo is ahead of the game. They have been testing electric since 2008 with the C30 electric trials, the partnership with their Chinese connections means we are tapping into a market that is far ahead of the US when it comes to battery usage in vehicles. Lastly when it comes to sourcing, Volvo is committed to have suppliers that source Cobalt ethically, and manufacturers that are producing these in the best possible way. Where there are some really terrible stories in the press about how batteries are built and sourced, it is great to hear that Volvo is focused on sourcing these the right way.

What is new on the XC40 Recharge:

Here is gets interesting: The FRUNK – the trunk in the front. So with no need of an engine in the front. We looked to what we can do with this space. First the Volvo team made it stronger and safer, because the engine loss means you missed all this support. Secondly they built the FRUNK. A great addition to the SUV. Also a great place to keep your charging cables should you need them on the go!

Google Android system will power some of the key components. This is a real breakthrough. No ones really likes their vehicle NAV, it simply is never as good as the Nav on your phone (be it android or iphone). So instead of trying to keep Volvo’s Nav at the top, simply work with the team that is really making it work. So the car is built with Google Android systems. Don’t confuse this with Android auto – this will work even if you do not have a phone in the car. What is it. You have Google Maps, Google Play Store and access to their apps, and Google Assistant. So the ability to use voice commands really reaches new heights. With the redesigned dashboard – you get more room and the map in the center looks fantastic. Reaching (and exceeding) the heights  of the Audi Nav in our opinion – but without the monthly payment you have to make for the fancy maps in Audi models.

What is the power of the electric engine? 402 Horsepower. This delivers 0 to 60 mph in 4,7 seconds. 2,000lbs towing meaning you can tow! So great that you can access this power and tow as well.

What will the car be called – well it will have XC40 Recharge as it’s name and will come in a R-Design and Inscription level vehicle. So no trimmed down models really. The badge on the back will say P8. So it will be similar to the T8, but P8 will be the 100% electric models. You can expect over time that we will have a XC90 P8, an XC60 P8, S60 P8, S90 P8 and of course this across the wagon line up with a Volvo V60 P8 and V90 P8. It may take some time but electric is coming to the complete Volvo line up.

The Car Sharing App really should be live in this one. This is a feature we have teased about on previous models, but it will come alive with the XC40 Recharge. In a modern mobile world you can give friends, family or work colleges access to your car simply though them using a digital key that you share with them on the VOLVO on Call app. To quote the Volvo team – “Smart, Simply and Secure”.

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – we have all heard them, well Volvo is making this come alive with a focus on 2025 25% of all plastics in the car will come from recycled materials! In addition at the end of the cars life, 95% of the complete car can be recycled (including the batter). Volvo is really focusing on making this a statement car for a sustainable future. We look forward to seeing what other areas they push the boundaries of what auto manufactures are doing in this space.

How does the XC40 Recharge compare with the Polestar 2? Well great question, and the answer is they are pretty close. In fact a lot of the performance stats are exactly the same. They are both built on the CMA platform, so you really have the same car with slight differences. The Polestar will come out earlier than the Volvo XC40 Recharge, as you can imagine the Volvo fans are not happy about the delay with Polestar 2 planned shipments in June 2020 and Volvo XC40 planned shipments in November 2020. The Polestar will be more expensive, with the launch edition at $63,000.

What will the XC40 Recharge cost? We are hearing that on a well equipped you are at $48,000 after the federal tax credit. So that is a starting MSRP of around $55,000. Strange but in line with the POLESTAR 2. Although their launch edition will be more expensive at $63,000. Questions we have had asked from our Courtesy Volvo customers already are:

What is the lease offer? We don’t know yet, but we do know that the $7500 tax credit has a massive impact on the lease and improves the monthly payment.

Can I do the Subscription model with this vehicle? Right now we don’t know, but we have put the question up.

As we learn more we will keep updating the our Courtesy Volvo blog.

Can I order a Volvo XC40 Recharge now? Great news! the answer is yes, you can. Just click on this:  Order Your XC40 Recharge, and with a $1000 you are on the first list to get your Volvo XC40 Recharge. 

If you want to put your order in with Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale, just reach out and we can get you on our list. But for now we highly recommend that if you want to be the first get your $1000 deposit in on the Volvo US site as soon as possible. As soon as we are able to build them in our system – we will start doing this for our order list.

How many colors does the new XC40 Recharge come in? The answer is 8, and all of them are what you have seen before expect for a new comer, Sage Green. Which with the black contrast roof looks great, however it is polarizing. With the standard contrasting roof we expect the White with Black as in the case of the R-Design XC40 to be the most popular color choice.

At this point you need to ask why? Why is Volvo committed to electric. For other manufactures the answer is simple. They cannot sell the profitable SUV’s and trucks unless they manage their MPG fleet consumption. What does that mean? They have to do it due to regulations, their motivation is far from let’s save the planet it is simply let’s keep the big units going. With Volvo, the focus has been a little more in line with the heritage of this Swedish company. They really want a car line up that works for the customers and with the planet. There may be more profit in Internal Combustion Engines, but they want to make the right call for the company and for the consumer. Now that is my opinion, this is a blog after all, but I really am glad I am seeing a company excited for electric for the right reasons, not just chasing it to meet MPG fleet targets. Keep an eye on this space it will be good to see what other players do what they claim in the press conferences as the electric vehicles continue to hit the roads. Electric is hard, it is not easy, but I think Volvo is the David vs Goliath in this market and with the step into electric could see themselves leapfrog some of the bigger manufacturers. Watch this space.

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