You already know that your luxury Volvo vehicle needs routine service, including regularly scheduled oil changes, to run great for a long time. Now, learn about the Volvo Valet program available here at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale. Groundbreaking and innovative, this unique program lets you give your vehicle the care it needs, without having to leave home.

This spring has all of us staying a little closer to home. But regardless of whether you're an essential employee or you need to run to the grocery store, having a vehicle that's properly cared for and maintained is always important.

The service center at our Scottsdale dealership is always there for our customers, to help Tempe and Mesa drivers maintain their Volvo vehicles and keep their families safe. Now, we're taking that one step further.

Volvo Valet makes it easy for you to care for your vehicle the way it needs and stay safe at home at the same time. Schedule your appointment with our service center, then using this cutting-edge, app-based technology to arrange both pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Our customers throughout the greater Phoenix area are encouraged to take advantage of this program. Our team will bring you a high-end Volvo vehicle as a loaner and then pick up your existing vehicle and bring it back to our technicians for its service and maintenance appointment. Then, we'll notify you when your vehicle is done, and reach out to arrange the best time to deliver your vehicle back to you and pick up the temporary loaner.

It's simple to use and easy to work with, and we hope you'll take advantage of it soon, not only now when we're urged to stay home, but also in the future for all your Volvo service needs. Reach out soon online or on the phone and let our service center team tell you all about it and answer all your questions.

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