If you're looking for a gift for someone — or yourself — this holiday season, you can be both practical and thoughtful with a visit to Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale for some much-needed winter preventive care. The winter driving season can be one of the hardest on your vehicle, so get ready with the help of service specials that we run on a whole range of useful automotive maintenance jobs for your vehicle.

Get your interior really clean with our vehicle sanitizing special that couldn't come at a better time than the winter flu season. We'll thoroughly clean your vehicle's interior, paying close attention to surfaces that get the most use, like the steering wheel, door handles, and dashboard controls. Phoenix drivers can keep themselves and their passengers safe on trips long or short.

Taking care of your braking system before traveling this holiday season is also a good idea. We offer specials on brake pad service near Mesa for those squeaky brakes you suspect might require service. Winter driving can be a challenge due to slick roads, so ensure you're operating a vehicle capable of stopping safely.

As you probably know, fresh oil in your engine keeps it from aging prematurely, but it can also save you money on fuel by helping your engine to perform more efficiently. It's also a good idea to have fresh oil in your car when temperatures get colder, as the cold weather can make dirty oil move sluggishly in your engine upon startup.

We also offer specials on car app updates, perfect for Tempe drivers planning a road trip during the holidays. Get the latest upgrades on information and entertainment apps that will keep you on the right road or singing along with your favorite songs as you drive.

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