You've had your eye on it. Perhaps you're getting closer to pulling the trigger. Is it finally time to upgrade to a more elegant SUV? Maybe you're looking for a good reason to go with a luxurious crossover to replace your current transportation situation. It sounds like there is no better time to head to courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale to check out the new Volvo XC90. This exceptional SUV brings you plenty of features you won't find anywhere else. But how do you know it's the right midsize crossover to get you around Mesa? Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale is here to help.

The best way to determine if a vehicle is right for you is to compare it to its peers. There are plenty of midsize SUVs that might consider themselves in the same class as the luxurious Volvo XC90. But few can match the number of standard features, performance, or safety technology of this outstanding crossover. For our exercise Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale has put together a comparison putting the Volvo XC90 against the Audi Q8 to help you determine which one has more of the features you love as you take on the day in Tempe or Phoenix.

How do these pair compare when it comes to its infotainment features? Does the XC90 have some features not available on the Q8? Which one has more power under the hood? How much of an edge does the XC90 have when it comes to your family's safety? Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale has you covered. We answer these questions by finding out which model contains certain features or technology you consider important in your next vehicle. We leave no stone unturned. Our comparison covers all the bases, inside-and-out, so you can relax and make a solid decision.

After you read how the features compare, then the smart money would be to visit Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale. Find the Volvo XC90 you love and take it for a quick spin. As soon as you discover how comfortable and elegant this SUV actually is, your decision will seem like a no-brainer. Your first step toward comfort comes when you visit Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale.

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