The are two of the most notable names when it come comes to sensible luxury. Volvo and Audi. When it comes to an elegant compact SUV, you won't find any better than this pair. There is plenty to love in both models. But how do you know which would be the best fit for you? Fortunately for drivers from Phoenix and beyond, Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale has taken the time to break down each feature and category to determine which model comes out on top.

From the refined power of both models is taken into account: The performance specifications of their unique powertrain system, including the plug-in hybrid of the XC60. The appointments from each cabin is meticulously considered. Which has the most elegant upholstery? What technology comes standard? What others are available? Are there suitable safety features as you hit the streets of Tempe? These comparisons all await as you research your next luxury crossover.

As you search for the next luxurious addition to your transportation arsenal, you want to be armed with the knowledge to make the right choice to turn heads in Mesa. Take time to consider what is important to you in your crossover. Do you want something muscular? Is cargo space important to you? Which infotainment features can you not live without? How much do you value fuel economy? And possibly most crucial, Does it fit in your budget?

Now is the time to consider the best option as you embark on your compact crossover quest. Start the journey by visiting the comparison page for the Audi Q5 to the Volvo XC60 at Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale. It has all the information you need to get off on the right foot and make an educated decision.

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