The Momentum is the base trim of the luxury subcompact SUV from Volvo, the XC40. The Volvo XC40 Momentum here at Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale has very high review scores, and a big part of those scores is the fact that the Momentum trim includes so many more features and elements than the base trims of other subcompact, compact, and small luxury SUVs.

The luxury SUV market tends to rely on pushing buyers to mid-level and upper-level trims in order to boost profit margins, but Volvo took a different approach with the XC line. The Volvo XC40's feature list is almost entirely present in the Momentum trim, with just a few performance tweaks and style enhancements restricted to the higher trims. This provides better value for customers in Scottsdale, AZ, and also makes the Volvo XC40 Momentum look much better than its competition, which have weaker base trims.

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