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Courtesy Volvo Offers Amazing BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS

BLACK FRIDAY, the words bring up images in ones mind. For most shoppers it brings back scenes on the new with crowds pushing to get into the electronic store, or lines outside the latest toy store. Well times have changed, the  Toy Store is out of business, and Black Friday sales happen earlier, even on Thanksgiving, but begin sooner with online retailers offering savings sooner, and Black Friday Sales event all through November. The one…
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Courtesy Volvo Cars of Scottsdale offers International Student Vehicle Purchasing Program

A little known fact, but if you are studying at Arizona State University, or at University of Arizona, and you are not a USA resident. Volvo has a solution to get you a vehicle for the time that you study abroad here in the USA. In fact the international Student Program is known as the easiest way to acquire a vehicle while studying in the USA, and is only offered from Volvo. So let Courtesy Volvo of Scottsdale help you get into a International car for an International Student.

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The Courtesy Way.

Before exploring the lot, our sales team works with you with state-of-the-art technology to load your key information and find the Volvo that meets your unique needs. When you have found the vehicle that is as unique as you are, you will make the choice of how to purchase, lease or subscribe to your new Volvo. While you select the finance package that meets your needs, our team prepares your car for delivery.
At Courtesy Volvo, it's all about the people helping you pick the Volvo that works for you and providing you an individualized purchase experience. 

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Care By Volvo 2.0

Some hot of the press news. Volvo has beefed up their subscription offering, and as many have asked for, they have increased the line up of Volvo's that come with the Care By Volvo subscription offering. 

When we launched the XC40 in 2018 the subscription offering took off like a rocket. specifically with the subscription based customer base. No one owns CD's or DVD's, you subscribe to Spotify or Apple Music and Nexflix or HULU. Now you can do the same thing with your transportation. You have the three choices with Volvo, Purchase, Lease or Subscribe. 

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